New Year’s Eve Concert (Wigmore Hall, 31 December, 2013)

This festive all-Mozart concert took place at London’s Wigmore Hall on New Year’s Eve 2013. The programme featured several works from Mozart’s extraordinary childhood, including his first symphony, arias from the remarkable cantata Grabmusik and the original, breathtakingly virtuosic version of a duet from Mitridate. Also included was the only one of Mozart’s opera arias to feature the English language, and a jovial trio whose dramatic characters include Mozart himself. The party spirit was captured with a sequence of Mozartian versions of ‘One Song to the Tune of Another’, and the evening culminated with a memorable attempt to perform The Marriage of Figaro in five minutes. The outstanding soloists in this unique concert were sopranos Anna Devin, Sarah Fox and Martene Grimson, tenor Anthony Gregory, baritone Mark Stone and bass-baritone Darren Jeffery.


1. Mozart: Symphony No. 1, K.16, 1. Molto allegro – The Mozartists / Ian Page

2. Mozart: Symphony No. 1, K.16, 2. Andante – The Mozartists / Ian Page

3. Mozart: Symphony No. 1, K.16, 3. Presto – The Mozartists / Ian Page

4. Mozart: Recit., “Wo bin ich?” from Grabmusik, K.42 – Mark Stone (baritone)

5. Mozart: Aria, “Felsen, spaltet euren Rache” from Grabmusik, K.42 (Mark Stone (baritone)

6. Mozart: Recit., “Geliebte Seel” from Grabmusik, K.42 – Anna Devin (soprano)

7. Mozart: Aria, “Betracht dies Herz” from Grabmusik, K.42 – Anna Devin (soprano)

8. Introduction 1 – Ian Page

9. Mozart: “Diggi, daggi” from Bastien und Bastienne, K.50 – Darren Jeffery (bass-baritone)

10. Introduction 2 – Ian Page

11. Dies Bildnis / The Grand Old Duke of York – Anthony Gregory (tenor)

12. Introduction 3 – Ian Page

13. Là ci darem la mano / My Old Man – Mark Stone (baritone), Anna Devin (soprano)

14. Mozart: Duet (original version) from Mitridate, re di Ponto, K.87 – Martene Grimson, Sarah Fox (sopranos)

15. Mozart: “Pietà, se irato” from La Betulia liberata, K.118 – Anthony Gregory (tenor)

16. Mozart: “Laudamus te” from Mass in C minor, K.427 – Sarah Fox (soprano)

17. Mozart: “Ora pro nobis” from Regina coeli, K.108 – Anna Devin (soprano)

18. Introduction 4 – Ian Page

19. Mozart: “Nach der welschen Art” from Die Gärtnerin aus Liebe, K.196 – Mark Stone (baritone)

20. Introduction 5 – Ian Page

21.The Sound of Music / Catalogue Aria  – Darren Jeffery (bass-baritone)

22. Introduction 6 – Ian Page

23. Champagne Aria / My Favourite Things – Mark Stone (baritone)

24. Introduction 7 – Ian Page

25. Mozart: Das Bandel, K.441 – Sarah Fox (soprano), Anthony Gregory (tenor), Darren Jeffery (bass-baritone)

26. Introduction 8 – Ian Page

27. Mozart: “Io ti lascio, oh cara, addio”, K.621a – Darren Jeffery (bass-baritone)

28. Mozart: “Laudate Dominum” from Vesperae solennes de confessore, K.339 – Martene Grimson (soprano)

29. Introduction 9 – Ian Page

30. Mozart / Page: The 5-minute Figaro

31. Introduction 10 – Ian Page

32. ENCORE: Ave Verum Corpus / Auld Lang Syne


31 Dec 2013